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—————————-Last Month——————————-

On July 26th, the meeting featured
Bob Orban on
CALM-Act Compliance in Loudness

This was Bob Orban presenting via presented by Broadcast Supply Worldwide and this time the presentation covered Orban’s approach to automatic, CALM-Act-compliant loudness control as embodied in the Optimod-TV 8685 Surround Loudness Controller.
Bob discussed the features of the 8685 in detail and how Orban combines the CBS Technology Center and ITU-R BS.1770 approaches to obtain the advantages of both. He also coverd the concept of “genre” in the context of BS.1770, as first introduced in a 2015 AES Recommendation, and how
taking genre into account can reduce some of the practical objections that have been raised as a result of experience with normalizing all program material to the same BS.1770 target loudness.
Bob presented measurements showing the effectiveness of Orban’s approach.

Broadcast Supply Worldwide provided dinner at 6pm followed by Bob’s Presentation at 7pm at J. Gilligan’s 400 E Abram in Arlington, TX

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The June Chapter 67 Regular meeting was on June 28th, 2018

Thanks to Avery Schultz, GatesAir Regional Sales Manager
and Steve Rossiter, TV Systems Applications Engineer at GatesAir
Steve introduced us to some of their new Radio and TV products and Technologies, including:
The new GatesAir XTE Exciter
Information on High power TV System Designs
Repack readiness
New End-to-End Radio Solutions
and an excellent, well detailed explanation of Coverage vs Data in the ATSC 3.0 world
For those who attended and wanted the ATSC 3.0 coverage slides, they are available, along with much more information, at the GatesAir website, under the Media Center tab with Presentations, Whitepapers and lots of good information including including Steve’s Whitepaper covering the presentation and slides.
To download the slides, click here or go to Whitepapers for the Presentation text

—————————-In Other News——————————-

NextGenTV ATSC 3.0 Meeting Video

Editing of last Month’s meeting with Fred Baumgartner at CBS 11 is ongoing. Buddy Brown and the group at KTVT are working on it and we’ll announce as soon as it’s available.

ATSC 3.0 Certification Announced

The Society of Broadcast Engineers, Inc. (SBE), the association for broadcast and multimedia technology professionals, and the Advanced Television Systems Committee, Inc. (ATSC) today announced a cooperative effort to develop a new Specialist level of SBE certification that will benchmark an individual’s proficiency in the ATSC 3.0 System standard.
“ATSC is pleased to work with SBE to develop an ATSC 3.0 Specialist Certification program. The SBE has extensive experience training and certifying broadcast engineers. Our work with the SBE is part of efforts to support deployment of ATSC 3.0,” said Mark Richer, president of ATSC.
To hold SBE Specialist Certification, an individual must first hold one of the SBE core-four certifications: CBT, CBRE/CBTE, CSRE/CSTE or CPBE. Once the new Specialist Certification is released, applicants will take a 50-question, multiple-choice exam and answer an essay question.

Chapter 67 was represented by the Chairman at the SBE National Strategic Planning Meeting in Indianapolis on June 9th

“Simply put, the purpose of the conference is to assess how changes to the media industry affect our members and future members and determine ways the SBE needs to adapt to meet the needs of members today and in the future.
Decisions made at this conference will likely have a profound effect on the SBE in the years ahead.”

The Special ATSC 3.0 May Chapter 67 Regular meeting was held on the 31st, 2018
at CBS 11 Studio B 5233 Bridge Street Fort Worth
Between noon and 4pm
Our sincere thanks to Sim Kolliner and the CBS 11 Crew for providing an outstanding venue.
Fred Baumgartner OneMediaLLC
Brought the crowd his much anticipated Presentation Everything about ATSC 3.0 and The DFW SFN Project
Ready To Launch This Summer

Lunch was served at Noon and the Meeting started around 12:30pm and ran until almost 4pm when everyone ran out of questions to answer!

Sinclair and ATC are partnered to launch the first production NextGen Single Frequency Network
Fred Baumgartner Fred Baumgartner is Sinclair’s project lead, and delivered on his offer to “tell us everything he thinks he knows” about ATSC 3.0, how it might change the way we broadcast, what’s going on in Dallas and what they have learned so far in previous and ongoing ATSC 3.0 Tests.
Fred’s initial focus was more on the business, regulations, potential and adoption of NextGen broadcast. As he says “it’s a little more complicated than an SBE program on a particular technology or product.
Fred bought lunch, CBS11 provided Studio B, and to save time, the first part covered the basics of NextGen ( don’t throw out your TV this time) and ran into more specifics of the Dallas project, the air chains, Advanced Emergency Alerting and a lot more.

56 people RSVP’d to and Fred ordered more than enough food and dessert for everyone


The April Chapter 67 meeting was held on Thursday April 26th at Gilligan’s

Thanks to John Lynch from Broadcast Supply West
and John Bonello from Infosoft LLC
who Presented and Demonstrated Live
Their All-In-One package for broadcast connection with Social Media
and a new Television product by ORBAN

Insoft LLC is the creator of HDV-MIXER. So BSW Director of Business Development John Lynch, and Insoft LLC President (and broadcast engineer) Alex Bonello demonstrated and discussed all of the technical advancements that have made HDV-MIXER feasible, and affordable.

This is Visual Radio and it also has turned into being a popular social media addition for Television stations. Mr. Bonello pointed out “You’re not changing your work flow in a radio station. You’re simply adding the video component to your studio shows and your remotes to further engage with and expand your audience”.
Mr. Lynch adds, “One of the exciting results of using HDV-MIXER is how stations can monetize this component and create a new revenue stream.”
For video samples of HDV-Mixer, click here for Studio use,
And click here for Remote use. Note the Case Study on this page from the remote broadcast in Madison IN, July 2017.
Also, checkout this Facebook feed from last September shows the interaction of Facebook messages on a remote broadcast. Cue to the 9 minute mark and see Facebook messages on screen and a self-generated news “crawl” which can also be an RSS feed from various news services.

Another highlight of the evening was a live SKYPE interview, via HDV-MIXER, with Orban Vice President and well known engineer, Mike Pappas. Mike detailed the new Television product from Orban and took questions live from the members.


The March Chapter 67 meeting was on Thursday March 29th at Gilligan’s
400 E Abrams in Arlington
Kevin Bethke COO at Lumenserve Presented
“Bringing to Light The Changes In The Tower Lighting World”

Kevin discussed Tower Lighting:
•The Rules – The FAA has been changing the rules of compliance for tower lighting. Some of the little known changes were discussed.
•LED Lighting Technology – LEDs have been around for many years, however they are making a big change in the tower lighting world.
•Tower Lighting as a Service – The traditional way of delivering tower lighting is also changing.

Kevin Bethke is the founding COO of LumenServe, Inc. with over 25 years of sales, marketing, and operations leadership in both start-ups and large companies. Mr. Bethke’s experience includes COO of a Wide Area Network and VoIP infrastructure company. Mr. Bethke also served as the CEO of a video content creation and distribution Software as a Service (SaaS) targeted at education organizations and corporations. He has also served as CEO for a talent supply management SaaS provider. While at the above companies, Mr. Bethke lead each to achieve the top ranking for customer service for their respective industry. Mr. Bethke received his MBA from Northern Illinois University and a Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University.

We enjoyed Dinner at 6pm followed by Kevin’s Presentation at 7pm at Gilligan’s

The February Chapter 67 meeting was on the 22nd at Gilligan’s in Arlington.
Our thanks to Matt Leland, Director of Sales at Burk Technology
for his presentation
Best Practices for Modern Transmitter Remote Control

IP based transmitter remote control is providing busy broadcast engineers with much needed relief in the form of better data, more granular alarm notifications and armchair access to multiple transmitter sites.
Environmental monitoring and flowchart based automatic control functions increase up-time and protect equipment from extremes, while distributed I/O provides cost savings by eliminating long multi-conductor wiring runs.
This presentation covered best practices for specifying, installing and configuring a remote control system, with special attention paid to efficiently upgrading legacy systems to IP. Simplified automatic procedures for testing of backup equipment were also covered using active flowcharts

The crowd enjoyed dinner at 6 provided by our speaker followed by his Presentation at 7pm at Gilligans

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