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Another Great SBE Engineers Christmas Party
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on Tuesday December 9th 2014 at
Dunston’s SteakHouse
Hosted by our friends

Dan Sessler

Dan Sessler and Wray Reed at
RF Specialties of Texas

And Tim and Dan Giesler from GBS-Giesler Broadcast
–Your Suppliers with answers!

We’ll meet in the same private dining room as last year, starting at 6:30pm with drinks followed by a Great Menu of their best entrees and outstanding Desserts.


Made possible with help from the following

Perry Priestly and Paul Dadian from Anywave Anywave Logo

Ellis Terry with Nautel Nautel


John Shaab from Orban


The October Monthly meeting was on October 30th, 2014

The September Monthly Meeting was held Thursday September 25th,
at J. Gilligan’s

Thanks to Ted Karam for a Presentation on
the Anywave Story Live

Ted is VP of Engineering at Anywave and his presentation focused on several new techniques to improve the operating efficiency and performance of digital TV broadcast transmitters. “Go Green” and at the same time reduce operating costs. The benefits of a more efficient transmitter are clear: reduction in system size and floor space requirement, lower capital cost, reducing cooling requirements, improved reliability and reduction of carbon footprint in support of go-green initiatives.
Ted’s presentation: defines power amplifiers and transmitter efficiency, explains linearity, MER/SNR improvements, Crest Factor Reduction techniques, new developments in modulation and correction algorithms within an exciter and then goes on to explain the options for new RF amplifier design.
The conclusion discusses the expected results and compares the cost trade-offs of complexity, capital expenditure and operating expenditure. Included in this presentation is a “live” demonstration of correction techniques of an ANYWAVE exciter.
The Speaker: Ted Karam is the VP of Engineering at Anywave Communication Technologies. He has worked in the professional broadcast industry for more than 15 years and was previously the Director of Engineering for Comark.
Ted’s background is in the area of digital exciter technology with previous experience in signal processing and software development in the aerospace and consumer audio industries. Ted earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York.
The Company: With over 150 years in combined development experience, Anywave is proving to be a world leader in the design and manufacture of broadcast transmission equipment. Anywave Communication Technologies Co. Ltd was established in 2007. It is a high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. The company is dedicated to providing high performance digital TV and mobile multimedia broadcasting equipment. With offices in Chicago, IL and Shanghai China, it is proving to be one of the fastest growing broadcast equipment suppliers in the world.
all at
J. Gilligan’s 400 E Abram in Arlington, TX

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————- In Certification News————-

October 6th is the deadline for Certification Exams to be given on November 7-17, 2014 at the Local Chapters.
Contact Dave Davis – Certification Chairman, Phone Number (817) 235-4300 for Certification information and check the links posted on the Certification Tab above.


The August Monthly Meeting was on Thursday August 28th at Gilligans
Innovative Monitoring, Test and Measurement
A Presentation by Eddy Vanderkerken
Founder and General Manager

Eddy focused on some of the new trends in monitoring, testing and measuring tools, essential for the maintenance of any station.
Including a portion on line, filter and antenna testing including spectrum analysis testing versus the NRSC,
FCC and iBiquity compliance masks – there was something for everyone.
In this day and age, with less technical support staff and shrinking budgets, everyone is looking for smaller, lighter, more versatile and easy to use devices that are affordable.
This testing tools update will guide you through the newest ideas and solutions from several innovative manufacturers.
This was an opportunity to get up to speed in monitoring, testing and measuring!
Eddy bought Dinner at 6pm followed by his Presentation at 7pm at Gilligan’s

About the Presenter: Eddy has Belgian roots, holds an MSEE from the Erasmus University College in Belgium, and is fluent in four languages. He has 30 years of experience in consultative sales and sales management of RF, microwave, audio, radio, TV and video Test & Measurement instruments, as well as TV broadcasting equipment.
For the last 10 years, Eddy was the Director of Sales for the Broadcast Division of Rohde & Schwarz USA. Prior to transferring to R&S USA in 2001, he sold T&M products for R&S Belgium.
He founded SOURCERER, LLC broadcast product sales in June 2014, based in Flower Mound.

Bring a friend or colleague this month and learn.
Our meetings are FREE, casual and open to anyone interested in a better future in Radio, TV, Audio/Video Production, IT and all the related fields. SBE Membership is not required (but you’ll probably want to join eventually) – and we all get together on the last Thursday of each month.


Special Chapter 67 Meeting on July 24th
The Meeting was held in the new KERA-TV Transmitter facility
at American South Tower on Tar Road.

A big thanks to Walt Gumbert from Rohde-Schwarz
who hosted an Open House
at DFW’s newest TV transmitter installation demonstrating the Rohde-Schwarz THU9, Doherty-enabled, high-efficiency and high-power TV broadcast transmitter without tubes or high voltages.
The new facility is complete with UPS and Generator power systems and a unique IP-Based, networked STL Microwave System. And, the meeting also included an overview of file-based workflows by Rob Fox.
Pictures are on the way of the large group enjoying a great Roscoe’s Barbeque Dinner and meeting the people who built this cutting edge site.
Matt and David Sanderford from Marsand who did the complete installation, Chief Electrician Larry Wilcoxin, Cory Edwards from Dielectric along with Graziano Casale, Glen Hurst and Walt Gumbert from Rohde-Schwarz were there to give the inside tour and answer any questions.

Our meetings are FREE, casual and open to anyone interested in a better future in Radio, TV, Audio/Video Production, IT and all the related fields. SBE Membership is not required (but you’ll probably want to join) – and we all get together each month. Join us for Dinner at 6pm followed by the Presentation at 7pm. You can meet some of the areas most experienced Broadcast Engineers and some of the newest and you’ll always learn something.

——————- New JOB Posting ———————-

Ramar Communications in Lubbock is looking for a full time RF TV/RADIO/IT engineer. Click the JOBS Tab above or HERE for more.


The June Monthly Meeting was
Thursday June 26th at Gilligan’s, 400 E Abram in Arlington

Ellis Terry from Nautel Presented
Nautel – An Update for 2014:
RF Specialties is happy to bring Ellis Terry in from NAUTEL. Nautel has emerged as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of radio broadcast transmitters with more than 12,000 deployments in 177 countries. The new GV Series is the culmination of years of Nautel digital/analog transmission innovation and the winner of two Best of Show Awards at NAB.
Ellis reviewed the Nautel Coverage map program, something that is free to all, how it works, its functions and capabilities. He also talked about the new GV Series FM transmitters and other Nautel products and answered questions. Nautel provided dinner.
Nautel and RF Specialties have been partners since 1981.

———————————————Other NEWS——————————–

ALERT! TAB reports: FCC vote starts spectrum auction process, raises questions.
With little notice, the FCC has announced a series of webinars starting June 25 targeting television broadcasters who may be on the fence about whether to participate in the “no risk, high reward” voluntary incentive spectrum auction. click here for more.

SBE Regulatory Update, June 25, 2014 – The U.S. Supreme Court today ruled 6-3 in favor of Broadcasters and against the Internet service, Aereo.
The Court’s decision, “reverses a lower court ruling denying broadcasters’ injunction against the [Aereo] service,” according to a report by Broadcasting & Cable
Broadcasters asserted that Aereo was violating copyright by delivering TV station signals remotely over the Internet without compensating content providers.
The court ruled that Aereo provides a public performance, not a private one, as Aereo had asserted. “The statute makes clear that the fact that Aereo’s subscribers may receive the same programs at different times and locations is of no consequence. Aereo transmits a performance of petitioners’ works “to the public,” Justice Breyer wrote for the majority.

———————————————The May 2014 Meeting——————————–

The Regular SBE Chapter 67 May Meeting was on the 29th

John Earnest from Sencore Presented
Sencore – Update for 2014:

“Receive, Decode, Transcode
& Monitor + HEVC/H.265 Direction”

Sencore is a world class technology company focused on engineering, marketing and delivering innovative and reliable products and services for professional broadcast, satellite, cable, IPTV and content providers to enable efficient, high quality video delivery.
Many of the stations in the market use Sencore equipment and are interested to find out what’s new
Also, the 50th year commemorative video presentation on the history of the SBE from National Headquarters.

———————————————The April 2014 Meeting——————————–

At the Regular April Monthly Meeting on the 24th
Dave Davis, P.E., CPBE, Chapter 67 Certification Chairman

“SBE Certification”

Our thanks to Dave for explaining the Program, Process, Preparation and Payoff of SBE Certification
With the job market changing, this program helped understand what Professional Certifications are available, why you might need one and how to prepare for and take the exams.
SBE Certification and the long list of – SBE Educational opportunities – many of them FREE – can help you stand out from the crowd by adding that extra spark to your resume.


Our Friend Doc Masoomian passed away Friday Morning, October 11, 2013 at his home in Plano, Texas.
For more about Doc’s amazing life, comments from all around and information on that KTVT Video of American Legion Awards ceremony, click on the “Doc Masoomian Comments” post to the right.


EPA RICE NESHAP Regulations went into effect on May 2, 2013
Regulating the use of Diesel Generators.
The new regulations require your facility to limit the use of affected compression ignition (diesel) engines to 100 hours per calendar year for emergency demand response, maintenance and testing. Emergency use (e.g., lights out) is unlimited per the NESHAP, but check state and local regulations.
Check the EPA Website for more details. Read the Summary of the EPA Report here

Should the Entire TV Band Be Repurposed?
According to The National Broadband Plan the amount of over-the-air viewing doesn’t justify the number of broadcast stations, and that the FCC could use incentive auctions to re-pack broadcasting into a smaller band of spectrum.
Read John Hane’s story at CommLawCenter

Japan to launch the world’s first Ultra HDTV broadcast next year
According to Reuters – Japan will launch the world’s first 4K TV broadcast in July 2014.
Read more at: This Just In

FCC Chief Needs More Spectrum for Wireless
Announcing, “It doesn’t make sense in New York to have 28 full power licenses.” as he explains his plan at CES to expand Wi-Fi spectrum by as much as 35%.
More at: This Just In

Search the spectrum on The FCC Spectrum Dashboard
View the interactive maps and find out who owns the Spectrum
More at: This Just In

Area Jobs available
are posted on the Jobs Tab

The US Appeals Court in DC strikes down FCC set-top box rule.
More at: This Just In

Information on all Chapter Meetings since July of 2009 are posted at: Previously at Chapter 67

SBE releases a new CBNE Certification
Eligible engineers may now apply for the new engineering level Certified Broadcast Networking Engineer exam. Learn more and find out how to prepare for it, Click Here

Time-Lapse Video: World’s highest broadcast tower in Tokyo is now complete
Standing 2,080 feet tall, the Tokyo Sky Tree is a new digital broadcast tower built on reclaimed land in the Japanese capital. Engineers are confident it won’t topple in an earthquake.
See the Video and Read more…

FCC 11-120 – The Latest from the FCC on changes to the use of Microwave for Broadband Ops is posted Here

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