The April Chapter 67 meeting will be on Thursday April 26th at Gilligan’s

John Lynch from Broadcast Supply West
and John Bonello from Infosoft LLC
will Present and Demonstrate Live
Their All-In-One package for broadcast connection with Social Media
and a new Television product by ORBAN

Insoft LLC is the creator of HDV-MIXER. So BSW Director of Business Development John Lynch, and Insoft LLC President (and broadcast engineer) Alex Bonello will be on hand to demonstrate and discuss all of the technical advancements that have made HDV-MIXER feasible, and affordable.

This is Visual Radio and it also has turned into being a popular social media addition for Television stations. Mr. Bonello points out “You’re not changing your work flow in a radio station. You’re simply adding the video component to your studio shows and your remotes to further engage with and expand your audience”.
Mr. Lynch adds, “One of the exciting results of using HDV-MIXER is how stations can monetize this component and create a new revenue stream.”
For video samples of HDV-Mixer, click here for Studio use,
And click here for Remote use. Note the Case Study on this page from the remote broadcast in Madison IN, July 2017.
Also, checkout this Facebook feed from last September shows the interaction of Facebook messages on a remote broadcast. Cue to the 9 minute mark and see Facebook messages on screen and a self-generated news “crawl” which can also be an RSS feed from various news services.

Another highlight of the evening will be a live SKYPE interview, via HDV-MIXER, with Orban Vice President and well known engineer, Mike Pappas. Mike will detail the new Television product from Orban and take questions live from the members.

So join us – BSW will provide dinner at 6pm followed by John’s Presentation at 7pm at
J. Gilligan’s 400 E Abram in Arlington, TX

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The March Chapter 67 meeting was on Thursday March 29th at Gilligan’s
400 E Abrams in Arlington
Kevin Bethke COO at Lumenserve Presented
“Bringing to Light The Changes In The Tower Lighting World”

Kevin discussed Tower Lighting:
•The Rules – The FAA has been changing the rules of compliance for tower lighting. Some of the little known changes were discussed.
•LED Lighting Technology – LEDs have been around for many years, however they are making a big change in the tower lighting world.
•Tower Lighting as a Service – The traditional way of delivering tower lighting is also changing.

Kevin Bethke is the founding COO of LumenServe, Inc. with over 25 years of sales, marketing, and operations leadership in both start-ups and large companies. Mr. Bethke’s experience includes COO of a Wide Area Network and VoIP infrastructure company. Mr. Bethke also served as the CEO of a video content creation and distribution Software as a Service (SaaS) targeted at education organizations and corporations. He has also served as CEO for a talent supply management SaaS provider. While at the above companies, Mr. Bethke lead each to achieve the top ranking for customer service for their respective industry. Mr. Bethke received his MBA from Northern Illinois University and a Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University.

We enjoyed Dinner at 6pm followed by Kevin’s Presentation at 7pm at Gilligan’s

The February Chapter 67 meeting was on the 22nd at Gilligan’s in Arlington.
Our thanks to Matt Leland, Director of Sales at Burk Technology
for his presentation
Best Practices for Modern Transmitter Remote Control

IP based transmitter remote control is providing busy broadcast engineers with much needed relief in the form of better data, more granular alarm notifications and armchair access to multiple transmitter sites.
Environmental monitoring and flowchart based automatic control functions increase up-time and protect equipment from extremes, while distributed I/O provides cost savings by eliminating long multi-conductor wiring runs.
This presentation covered best practices for specifying, installing and configuring a remote control system, with special attention paid to efficiently upgrading legacy systems to IP. Simplified automatic procedures for testing of backup equipment were also covered using active flowcharts

The crowd enjoyed dinner at 6 provided by our speaker followed by his Presentation at 7pm at Gilligans

——————–Jerry Ernest————————-

Our friend and Chapter Program Chairman, Jerry D. Ernest, age 81, died peacefully on February 7, 2018.
He was born in Dover, Ohio to George Merritt and Ruth Arlene (Dell) on April 26, 1936. Jerry was a loving husband, father, “Pa” and long-time respected friend to many of us who knew and worked with him and his happy spirit will be greatly missed.
Jerry most recently tirelessly worked as a Program Chairman and member of Chapter 67 for many years, working to obtain speakers and arrange programs for all of our meetings.
Plymouth Park United Methodist Church, 1615 Airport Freeway Irving, TX 75062 saw a large group attend the memorial service at 3:30 P.M. on Saturday, February 10, 2018 to celebrate Jerry’s life of many contributions to his family, church and friends.
Jerry’s full obituary is at this link:
An Inurnment at Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery with full military honors was scheduled for Friday, February 16th.


The next round of exams will held on April 10, 2018 and new applications close on March 2, 2018. The latest info is always at
For details, Contact
Dave Davis – Certification Chairman, Phone Number (817) 235-4300 for Certification information and check the links posted on the Certification Tab above.

A Comprehensive listing of

All DFW TV Stations
is now posted HERE
With current and Re Pack Channels assignments, Frequency, Owner, sub-channels, Power, Tower heights, etc.
Click on “Listed Licensee” for specific detailed License information linked to

—————————-Past Meetings—————–

A large group attended the January 25, 2018 Chapter Meeting
at Continental Electronics
Our Sincere Group thanks to President Dan Dickey, VP Sales and Marketing Mike Rosso, Sales and Marketing Manager Dale Dalesio and staff for showing us some of the amazing projects they are working on in the Outer Space, Medical and Terrestrial fields AND their new CTX Series UHF TV transmitter
CEC’s CTX Series Digital TV Transmitter is the first to offer leading edge GaN solid state amplifier technology, which delivers a high level of broadband performance, quality and ATSC Efficiency Up to 50
Plus we took a tour of the plant to see some of the Deep Space projects and hands-on the CTX TV transmitter in operation

Thanks again to our friends at Continental for a great dinner and presentation and tour


The October meeting was at Gilligan’s on October 26th
Max Francis with Lectrosonics presented
How the FCC RePack impacts Wireless Microphone systems in the DFW Area and more
This presentation was focused on the DFW area specifically and covered the outcome of the FCC Spectrum Auctions and where we go from here.
Max also covered some best practices to achieve solid RF performance in difficult environments.
400 E. Abrams St. Arlington, TX 76010.
We all enjoyed dinner at 6pm and the meeting at 7pm.

About Max
Max Francis joined Lectrosonics after a ten-year career in the professional audio and film industries, working as a musician, engineer and technical equipment consultant as well as in acquisitions. In the film industry, Max served as an ADR engineer for international releases such as “Terminator 4” and “Crash” (season one). As a music engineer he has worked with a number of musicians including James Newton, as well as on projects for several artists with the Brooklyn Academy record label.
About Lectrosonics
Lectrosonics is a U.S. company located in Rio, New Mexico with a continued focus on quality and innovation since 1971, Lectrosonics is well respected within the film, broadcast, music, and theater technical communities and has a strong history of delivering quality wireless technology with excellent customer support and service.
Lectrosonics wireless microphone systems and audio processing products are used daily in mission-critical applications by audio engineers familiar with the company’s dedication to quality, customer service, and innovation.
The company provides consulting to customers as part of its customer service for product sales and will also assist you with sound system component selection and design.


The September meeting was a Field Trip to the
Texas Museum of Broadcasting and Communications
416 E Main Street, in Kilgore on Saturday, September 23rd.
Our thanks to Chuck Conrad and crew for their hospitality. It was great to see members Hank Hardisty and Curtis Kirk from the Tyler area and Don Dobbs from Tulsa join the group. Everyone had a great time. The group gathered around noon and roamed the Museum for several hours. They’re open until 5pm so you can take your time and enjoy.
Some pictures from the visit will be posted here soon.
It’s well worth the trip, so if you missed this visit, plan one of your own soon.
Click on the Logo to check out their website then click around there to see the amazing amount of Radio and TV history is represented at the Museum.
So click here for a map
Just jump in the car, head east on I-20, turn right at 135 or 42 and look for this building. Remember, they’re open Fridays and Saturdays 10am to 5pm so you can take your time and enjoy.



The August meeting was a videoconference on August 31st, 2017 at Gilligan’sOur Thanks to Bob Orban, Founder of Orban Associates, for an interesting and thorough Complete look at LOUDNESS Technology
Many of you requested a copy of the information and we received a PDF of Mr Orban’s Presentation. It is now posted HERE
Download your free Orban Loudness Meter HERE

Mr. Orban brings well over 45 years of unique experience designing a long line of broadcast audio processors for AM, FM, TV and digital broadcasting and Streaming
We met at J. Gilligan’s Bar & Grill, 400 E. Abrams St. Arlington, TX 76010

In 1970, Bob founded Orban Associates, to manufacturer studio equipment. In 1975, Orban Associates introduced the original Optimod-FM 8000, which was the first in a long line of broadcast audio processors for AM, FM, TV and digital broadcasting. Bob has been involved in Broadcasting, recording and scientific work related to audio.
For a very Brief Summary of Robert Orban’s work, Click Here

Hope you joined us for dinner at 6pm and the meeting at 7pm. Next Meeting, bring a friend or colleague and learn.Our meetings are FREE, casual and open to anyone interested in a better future in Radio, TV, Audio/Video Production, IT and all the related fields. SBE Membership is not required (but you’ll probably want to join eventually) – and we all get together on the last Thursday of each month.

—————————————Previous 2017 Meetings—————————

On Thursday July 27th, 2017
Our thanks to Chapter Vice-Chairman Wayne Kube Owner/President of Kube Broadcast Consulting for presenting
The Alternate Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP)followed by a Q&A


Wayne brings well over 30 years of hands-on experience with 20 years as Engineering Manager/Technology Director at Belo’s WFAA-TV and Member of the NAB Engineering Technology Committee, to the ABIP.
His participation in the Inspection Program includes some interesting experiences and tips for avoiding common errors he’s discovered at Radio and TV stations across the state.
An interesting Q&A session followed the presentation.
Many Official FCC Self-Inspection Checklists are available for Radio, TV, LPTV, LPFM, Translators, etc Here
We met at J. Gilligan’s Bar & Grill, 400 E. Abrams St. Arlington, TX 76010 for dinner at 6pm and the meeting at 7pm.

Always bring a friend or colleague each month and learn.
Our meetings are FREE, casual and open to anyone interested in a better future in Radio, TV, Audio/Video Production, IT and all the related fields. SBE Membership is not required (but you’ll probably want to join eventually) – and we all get together on the last Thursday of each month.

At the June Chapter 67 meeting on Thursday June 29th 2017
John J. Humphrey, Vice President, Business Development at HITACHI Kokusai Electronics America
Presented a very informative and educational discussion on

Ultra HD/4K and High Dynamic Range

We met at Gilligan’s Bar & Grill 400 E. Abrams St. Arlington, TX 76010 Hitachi provided Dinner at 6pm and the presentation at 7pm.

While HDR is most commonly promoted with UHD/4K workflow and cameras, a growing number of organizations, including the EBU and Ericsson, are now advocating the use of HDR with HDTV.
John Humphrey is well known in the TV industry from his experience with several major TV system integrators, TV stations, and mobile production companies. At NAB John ran three educational sessions for HITACHI on HDR for HDTV:
NAB’s Broadcast Engineering and IT Conference, PBS’s TechCon conference and Educational workshops at the HITACHI booth

(Above) Illustration from John Humphrey’s presentation: SDR image at left, HDR simulation at right. UHD/4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) are usually mentioned together, but HDTV can also benefit from HDR because most people sit too far from their TVs to see the full resolution of UHD/4K.
A properly set up 1080p image with HDR will look better than a UHD image with Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) at typical viewing distances.
John also covered HDR format compatibility with existing SDR TVs and how viewer experiences can be enhanced with different HDR standards.

John explained the reasons that High Dynamic Range (HDR) is not limited to Ultra HD. HD-HDR can be delivered in a compatible Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) to both legacy SDR and 4K HDR TV sets. It recovers detail from dark shadows or bright areas and offers a more realistic picture. The HD signal will pass through nearly all the bandwidth and data rate issues that have slowed the adoption of UHD/4K.
HD-HDR can be delivered by satellite and OTT providers and will be upconverted at the consumer’s UHD TV. If HLG is used; no metadata is needed. For PQ, metadata will trigger HDR processing in the upconverted picture.

The Z-HD5500 joins the line of Hitachi HD and Ultra HD camera systems offering High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities, enabling video productions with increased contrast, rich colors and enhanced lighting reproduction. Click on image for a demo.

John Humphrey is Vice President, Business Development at Hitachi Kokusai Electric America. He has spent his life in radio and television working in maintenance, operations and as Chief Engineer at multiple broadcast stations and production houses. He has designed, built and operated mobile production trucks as Engineer in Charge.
His experience includes sales and business development at dealers, manufacturers and system integrators. During the last three decades in equipment and system sales, he has developed a deep knowledge of the business and technology. John is a life-certified SBE CPBE and a SMPTE Section Manager.
His presentation is on Emerging Video Technologies. Specifically, High Dynamic Range for HDTV.
The technical (non-sales) presentation will include:

Why HDR and What is HDR?
HDR Standards for UHD and HD
History of Standard Dynamic Range
TV Screen Brightness
Transfer Curves
Hitachi’s Implementation of HDR for HDTV
Simulation comparing SDR and HDR
Compatibility with SDR
Consumer adoption of 4K HDR TVs


At the May 2017 Meeting on the 25th, Broadcast Supply Worldwide and INSOFT LLC introduced the new HDV Mixer. 
Our thanks to John Lynch, Director of Business Development for BSW, joined by
INSOFT LLC President Alex Bonello.
for a lively and informative demonstration of the new HDV Mixer, a product developed by INSOFT expressly for broadcasters to connect their stations with social media via Facebook Live. 
The new HDV Mixer Visual Radio solution is what broadcasters have been dreaming of. Filling the gap between video content production and radio broadcast operations. Built-in multiviewer, video switcher, character generator, video streaming encoder, video recorder, social media integration, video ad replacement, and more.
Alex conducted the demonstration on how this is setup, how it operates, and conduct a live demo.
For a video demo preview from the NAB, click here
And, John brought us more new products shown at the NAB Show in Las Vegas last month.

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