The Next Meeting is Monday, December 14th.
The Annual Christmas Dinner will be at Dunston’s again this year
Click Here for more and Please RSVP Here if you will attend. Please indicate if you will be bringing a guest on your RSVP

That’s Monday, December 14th at Dunston’s
The Great 2015 SBE Christmas Party

This Christmas gift comes from Dan Sessler and all the folks at RF Specialties of Texas and GBS-Giesler Broadcast
–Your Suppliers with answers!

Once again we will meet at the Dunston’s dining room at 7pm for drinks followed by a Great Menu of their best entrees and outstanding Desserts.

Additional support provided by: Ellis Terry from Nautel – the Best AM/FM Transmitters,

John Schaab at Orban – Your Radio and TV Processors of Choice

and Perry Priestly from Anywave Communications, a world leader in broadcast transmission equipment

Dan Sessler – RF Specialties says
“This is our way to thank the members of SBE 67 for their business and friendship throughout the past years”

We offer our thanks for this wonderful event and Dan’s consistent support for our Chapter!


Our October meeting on the 29th at Gilligan’s.
Featured Bret Shisler
South Central Regional Sales Manager with
Fujifilm Optical Devices

The topic was Lenses and Bret did a great job explaining why “All good video starts at the lens!”

Bret also provided dinner and Dessert at 6pm at Gilligan’s followed by the Presentation at 7pm at
J. Gilligan’s 400 E Abram in Arlington, TX

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Plan to bring a friend or colleague to our meeting each month and learn something new.
Our meetings are FREE, casual and open to anyone interested in a better future in Radio, TV, Audio/Video Production, IT and all the related fields. SBE Membership is not required (but you’ll probably want to join eventually) – and we all get together on the last Thursday of each month.


The September meeting was a big hit on the 24th at Gilligans
John Bisset
Director of Western Radio Sales for Telos Alliance
“Planning a Complete Audio over IP Digital Radio Facility”

using Axia Audio and infrastructure products,
Telos-Systems legendary Talk Show and Zephyr interfaces
and 25-7 Systems Audio Watermark and Delay products.

John also shared interesting and practical ideas from his long running Radio World “Workbench” columns
Author John Bisset who has spent 46 years in the broadcasting industry, has written the Workbench column for Radio World and contributes to numerous articles including co-authoring the Audio Measurements Section of the NAB Engineering Handbook, but says he is still learning. He handles Western Radio Sales for Telos Alliance
John is SBE certified and recipient of the SBE’s Educator of the Year Award.
He presented Audio over IP featuring Radio consoles and infrastructure systems from Telos Axia Digital Radio based on the Livewire+ AES Standard 67 compliant Audio over IP system.


The August Meeting was on Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ellis Terry, with Nautel
was back with new news for the Radio folks from Nautel

Nautel and RF Specialties have been partners since 1981 and RF Specialties brings Ellis Terry in from NAUTEL on a regular basis to keep us up to date on this major manufacturer in the Radio field.
Nautel has emerged as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of radio broadcast transmitters with more than 12,000 deployments in 177 countries. The new NX Series of 5 and 10kW AM Transmitters is the culmination of years of Nautel digital/analog transmission innovation and won the Best of Show at NAB this year.
Nautel also provides numerous Webinars and tools for Products and New Technology. These are worth re-certification credit at SBE. Click Here
Nautel provided dinner at 6pm at Gilligan’s followed by the Presentation at 7pm at
J. Gilligan’s 400 E Abram in Arlington, TX

Bring a friend or colleague each month and learn.
Our meetings are FREE, casual and open to anyone interested in a better future in Radio, TV, Audio/Video Production, IT and all the related fields. SBE Membership is not required (but you’ll probably want to join eventually) – and we all get together on the last Thursday of each month.


The Regular Chapter 67 July Meeting was held on the 30th, 2015 at Gilligan’s

Mark Tommey, Director of Sales for Silvus Technologies
conducted a lively discussion on Mesh Technology
using Silvus MN-MIMO during his presentation
The Never-Ending Quest for Greater Spectrum Efficiency in the 2GHz BAS Frequency Band

Dinner at 6pm was followed by some Chapter announcements including: the return of the Shockwaves Newsletter headed up by Wayne Kube, some improvements to the website including an Equipment Exchange Page and interest in Chapter sponsorships.
Mark’s Presentation followed at 7pm at Gilligan’s.

Since its founding in 2004, Silvus has become the leading developer of complex MIMO wireless technologies which are expected to reshape broadband wireless connectivity worldwide.
Using the experience of Fox $ in Dallas, he discussed the Silvus mission of bringing the revolutionary benefits of multi-antenna MIMO techniques to the transmission of high fidelity data and video into harsh conditions characterized by severe multipath, interference and spectrum congestion.
Over the years Silvus has assembled a world class team of experts, handpicked for the excellence they provide in their areas of core competencies. We have meshed these experts together to deliver a technologically superior radio solution that delivers in the most demanding applications, at an unprecedented size, weight, power, and price point.
Silvus’ expertise has been leveraged to develop cutting-edge broadband wireless systems with advanced techniques such as cognitive interference mitigation, advanced MIMO technology (up to 4×4), anti-jamming via spatial cancellation, intelligent multicast routing, and Quality of Service (QoS) improvement

Our meetings are FREE, casual and open to anyone interested in a better future in Radio, TV, Audio/Video Production, IT and all the related fields. SBE Membership is not required (but you’ll probably want to join eventually) – and we all get together on the last Thursday of each month.Always bring a friend or colleague each month and learn.


Get the latest Technical News relative to Broadcasting or Get an Education or Get a job or find out what’s happening at other Chapters.
Check out the SBE National sites at

Here are some of the stories from SBE National:
FCC Announces Incentive Auction-Eligible TV Facilities.
In a public notice released June 9, the FCC announced each station facility eligible for protection in the repacking process and for relinquishment in the reverse auction (the eligible facilities). To see if your station is on the list, check here or read more
FCC Field Office Closures: A Compromise Solution
In April, news of an FCC plan to close a majority of its field offices and retire the affected staff became widely circulated. This caused quite a stir among many groups, including broadcasters. Now, under the compromise plan, field offices or resident staff will be maintained in New York; Columbia, MD, Chicago; Atlanta; Miami; Dallas; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Portland, OR; Denver; Boston; New Orleans; Honolulu; Anchorage and San Juan. Read more.

All the SBE Chapter Calendars are on line. Check to see what’s happening at other chapters around the country here

At the June meeting…

Jacob Kinsey from Cobalt Digital
presented an interesting discussion
regarding the FCC’s Audible Crawl Rule.
The SBE petitioned the FCC to delay the May 26th mandate for
Rule 21CVAA for 6 months and it has now been delayed until November 30th.

In accordance with equal services for disabled persons, the FCC has mandated that any textual emergency information that is crawled as text in television broadcast must also be played aurally on the secondary audio program or SAP channel. Jacob’s talk focused on the intricacies of developing effective systems for broadcasters to comply with the mandate and what types of tools are available on the market today including some demonstrations of actual voice from text systems.

For the last 7 years, Jacob has been the Central US Sales Manager for Cobalt Digital, provider of video and audio infrastructure for the live television broadcast market. During his time at Cobalt, Jacob has worked with with many broadcasters and station groups to successfully implement FCC mandates for CALM and Closed Caption compliance. With the recent release of Cobalt’s new Text-to-Speech generator on an advanced audio routing platform, Jacob has helped over a hundred television stations comply with the new rule already.
Dinner at 6pm was followed by his Presentation at 7pm at J. Gilligan’s


SBE Filed with FCC to Delay Audio Crawl Deadline and the FCC has now responded

April 20, 2015
On April 9, 2015, the Society of Broadcast Engineers filed comments with the FCC in response to the public notice in MB Dockets 12-107 and 11-43. A favorable response from the FCC has been announced. Read More…


The June 5th, 2015 Deadline for SBE Certification Exam applications has expired. Cert Exams are scheduled here in August.
The new application Deadline is October 2, 2015 for Exams to be given locally between November 6-16, 2015
For detail, Contact Dave Davis – Certification Chairman, Phone Number (817) 235-4300 for Certification information and check the links posted on the Certification Tab above.

The May meeting was on the 28th at Gilligan’s

Dan Sessler from RF Specialties presented a program on RFS – Radio Frequency Systems

Radio Frequency Systems is a global designer and manufacturer of cable and antenna systems plus active and passive RF conditioning modules, providing total-package solutions for wireless infrastructure
RFS serves OEMs, distributors, system integrators, operators and installers in the broadcast, wireless communications, land-mobile and microwave market sectors providing RF Systems solutions for cell-based mobile communications, in-building, in-tunnels, television & radio, radio-link networks, LMR/PMR and HF & defense.

Dan also reviewed the Nautel line of FM Transmitters and the new Nautel TV transmitters.

The April Chapter 67 Monthly Meeting was on April 30th, 2015 at Gilligan’s

Ray Allen Area Sales Manager
Sennheiser’s Systems Integration division
did an informative and engaging presentation for the crowd on wireless mikes – their history, present and future – highlighting the latest products from the Sennheiser family, new frequency use information and all the details.
For further reading, actual regulations and up to the minute Wireless information from the FCC’s Wireless Pages, click Here

Johnny Stigler won the drawing for a Sennheiser HD6Mix professional headphone at this meeting and
Dave Davis was presented with a pin from the SBE National in recognition of his work as Certification Chairman.

Our Host: Raymond Allen is the Area Sales Manager for Sennheiser’s Systems Integration division, covering all of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.
His formal education at Ouachita Baptist University centered on TV Broadcasting and Journalism. He has worked in the A/V industry since the early 80s doing large format concert touring, as well as sales and design of commercial audio systems. He has worked extensively with wireless microphone and has a good grasp on the history and future direction that is coming to wireless microphone technology.
In this presentation he discussed several topics from the viewpoint of a leading manufacturer of wireless microphones. Including major changes to, not only the frequency ranges in which they will be able to operate, but also the technology that will accompany these changes. We discussed the movement from analogue to digital transmission, what frequency ranges will be available for use and the trade-off for each of these changes.
See you on the 28th of May…..More here soon


The March Meeting was on March 26th, 2015 at Gilligan’s.
New Officers were elected for Chapter 67. Click on the Chapter Info Tab above for more.
Kenny Miller, National Director of Sales for
Suitelife Systems
presented a program on Monitoring & Management Systems, focusing on the proper feature set for technical monitoring applications.

For many broadcasters, the primary and largest application for fault monitoring is the Transmitter Remote Control system. Additionally, Full Facility monitoring is growing in various forms at radio and TV facilities for Studio and MCR power and facility management and network health monitoring. Many monitoring applications in use are provided by proprietary hardware manufacturers and some are facility or network based.
This presentation outlines proper feature sets for monitoring systems and how consolidated monitoring environments can work. When the technology is properly applied, a more efficient response by engineers to fault occurrences is prevalent.
Many stations in this market use the SuiteLife Statmon AXess System. With the aid of visual data displays operators may be involved, allowing engineering a greater focus to support the business of news or program production.
SuiteLife Systems, a division of NFB Consulting is a leading solution provider for Management, Monitoring and Control solutions specializing in the integration of facilities and disparate systems and equipment across multiple site networks up to a single screen.

TM Television hosted the February meeting
on the 26th.
Chad Rounsaval presented an excellent program on Closed Captioning and Voice Recognition by

Nexidia is an amazing search product for locating media in your library in seconds.

The meeting was held at TM Headquasrters with Dinner provided at 6pm by TM Television and the Presentation at 7pm at TM Television 2440 Lacy Lane Suite 110 in Carrollton, TX 75006

The spoken word – narration, dialogue, etc. is both the richest and the most under-developed source of metadata in digital media. Turning that spoken word into searchable, time-based metadata has always been costly and time consuming.
Nexidia’s patented dialogue search, alignment and analysis technology finds words or phrases which are spoken in either live or recorded media streams. 100,000 hours of media can be searched in under a second. Even transcripts and captions can be timed within 100th of a second.

Always bring a friend or colleague each month and learn.
Our meetings are FREE, casual and open to anyone interested in a better future in Radio, TV, Audio/Video Production, IT and all the related fields. SBE Membership is not required (but you’ll probably want to join eventually) – and we all get together on the last Thursday of each month.

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