Frequency Coordination

Frequency Coordinator for the DFW Region is: Johnny Stigler
– Phone Number (214) 236-0222,
– email is:

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The Chapter 67 database has been assembled by volunteers in an effort to facilitate licensee-to-licensee contact, and amicable sharing of scarce auxiliary radio spectrum among FCC licensees. Much of the information for the database has been gathered by volunteers, under the auspices of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, Incorporated. The database information is to be used for reference purposes only, and does not in any manner indicate that the frequency coordinator has assigned any particular freqeuncy to any particular user. Nor can any coordinator bear any responsibility for the accuracy or currency of the database.
The database is maintained to the best of the ability of the coordinator, But is dependent for its accuracy and currency on the voluntary participation of all users of the broadcast auxiliary spectrum in the regional or market area. As users may include non-broadcast entities, this participation is often incomplete. Reliance on this database information is the sole responsibility of the person or persons requesting the information. No representation is made or implied that operation on any given frequency will be in compliance with the FCC rules, or that interference will be avoided. Nor does the frequency coordinator, or the Society of Broadcast Engineers, Incorporated, assume any responsibility for the use of the database information.